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Acetic Acid (Food grade)

Common household vinegar is simply a diluted form of acetic acid therefore foods that contain vinegar also contain acetic acid. This would include foods such as pickled food, Condiments including Ketchup, Mayonnaise and Mustard, Salad Dressings and Marinades.


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Acetic acid in the food industry is used under the food additive code E260 as an acidity regulator. Acetic acid (also called ethanoic acid) is a weak organic acid. Unlike a lot of other food additives, acetic acid is commonly used in home cooking and is what gives vinegar its distinctive sour taste and pungent smell.
Rigest trading limited are one of the UKs leading food grade acetic acid suppliers. We are the food grade acetic acid suppliers of choice for some of the largest companies in the food & beverage industry. We pride ourselves on distributing the highest quality ingredients for a wide range of applications ranging from food and beverages to healthcare and sports performance.
Thanks to the partnership with sister company Airedale Chemical, Rigest can supply companies within the food industry with large volumes of acetic acid, which means our minimum order quantity is either 25KG bags for powders or 25L bulk containers for liquids. With Acetic acid also available in 200L & 1000L bulk containers.
We distribute food grade Acetic Acid in quantities up to bulk supply and work hard to ensure you product requirements are met. If you are interested in partnering with Rigest as your food grade acetic acid suppliers then enquire now.

Food Grade Acetic Acid is a colourless solution with a pungent smell
Food Grade Acetic Acid holds a very distinctive sour taste
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