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Fumaric acid

When used as a food additive, the hydrophobic nature of Fumaric acid results in persistent, long lasting sourness and flavour impact. The versatile compound also decreases the pH with minimal added sourness in products with pHs greater than 4.5.


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Used in the manufacture of medicines, drinks, food, animal feed, cleansing agents, unsaturated polyester, alkyd resins, and printing inks, Fumaric Acid is the strongest organic food acid in titratable acidity and sourness.
As leading Fumaric Acid suppliers, Rigest Trading Limited distribute quantities up to bulk supply of Fumaric Acid to our partners for a diverse range of applications including pharmaceuticals, animal feeds, inks and carbonated soft drinks. We work closely with our partners to ensure that, as outstanding fumaric acid suppliers, we are meeting their product and market requirements.
If you are interested in working with Rigest as your Fumaric Acid suppliers, then enquire now to speak to one of our experts.

White crystalline compound
Fumaric Acid has a long lasting sour taste
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