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Malic Acid

The long lasting tart taste of malic acid, its excellent buffering properties and the synergy with sweeteners provide excellent economy of usage when compared to other acidulants. Less malic acid than citric acid can be used in virtually every application.


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Malic acid, or hydroxysuccininic acid, is a dicarboxylic acid also known as “apple acid.” L-malic acid is a naturally occurring acidulant that represents all or most of the acid found in a wide variety of fruit and berries. It is more prevalent than citric acid. First found in apple juice, malic acid is commonly used by endurance athletes who are looking to increase performance and energy levels

Malic acid is also found naturally in citrus fruits as well as the more familiar citric acid. Malic acid is an organic food acid and is a naturally occurring acidulant. It can be found in a wide range of fruits and berries and is much more common than citric acid in nature.

With trusted distribution partners and a world renowned Malic acid partner in Isegen, Rigest can provide businesses with large volumes of Malic acid, supplying them within a minimum of 25KG bags or all pack formats for liquid available in 40 and 50% grade.

If you are seeking a trusted malic acid partner who can deliver large volumes regularly then get in touch with our team of experts. For more information on malic acid ask for our MSDS.

Malic Acid has the appearance of white granules in solid form and liquid, colourless to pale yellow
The tartness profile of malic acid melds well with all fruit flavours. It has a clean, mellow, smooth, lingering tart taste, giving the food system to which it is added a more subtle character, providing a natural fruity flavour. The taste profile of malic acid can be described as a slow build-up of tartness that is retained at peak level for a long time before gradually diminishing
Other names:
Hydroxybutanedioic acid, 2-Hydroxysuccinic acid, L-Malic acid, D-Malic acid, (–)-Malic acid, (+)-Malic acid, (S)-Hydroxybutanedioic acid, (R)-Hydroxybutanedioic acid
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