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Phosphoric Acid (Food use)

Its purpose in the food industry is to give a sharp flavour to food or to serve as a preservative. The most widely consumed source of phosphoric acid is soft drinks. Phosphoric acid is responsible for the characteristic biting taste associated with colas.

In addition to colas, many sports drinks, bottled teas, punches and fruit-flavoured beverages contain phosphoric acid. The salts of phosphoric acid are used in many dairy products to modify the proteins and alter the pH to produce a higher-quality product. The addition of phosphates derived from phosphoric acid to cheese results in smooth, shelf-stable products. Phosphoric acid or phosphates can also be found in milk, buttermilk, cottage cheese and non-dairy coffee creamers.


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Phosphoric Acid is a mineral acid with the formula H3PO4. Typically used as a chemical reagent, the acid is a very polar molecule, meaning it is extremely water soluble. In food usage Phosphoric Acid is used to acidify foods and beverages

When used in food and drink production phosphoric acid provides a tangy or sour taste that is suited to fizzy drinks and sweets. As a food and beverage ingredient supplier Rigest can be your trusted phosphoric acid supplier, offering 25l up to bulk containers for liquids. Rigest is part of Airedale Chemical Holdings Group and therefore has a number of trusted reliable chemical manufacturers meaning delivering large quantities of phosphoric acid on a regular basis is something they specialise in.

For more information, please request our phosphoric acid msds or for information on how Rigest can help you in your production of food and drinks then get in touch with one of our experts today.

Colourless viscous liquid
Phosphoric Acid produces a tangy and slightly sour taste
Other names:
Orthophosphoric acid; Trihydroxylphosphine oxide, E388
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