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Sports Nutrition

The personal fitness market is ever-expanding, with sports performance products experiencing ever-increasing high demand.

Energy drinks, protein-based foods, pre-workout supplements — our range of ingredients helps sports nutrition product manufacturers to meet their customers’ needs.

Rigest: leading UK suppliers & distributors of sport nutrition product ingredients

An increasingly health-focused population requires nutrition solutions to fulfil their fitness aims — we help manufacturers to meet this need with quality ingredients for their products.

Our leading range of sport supplement and nutrition ingredients are available in bulk quantities, distributed and delivered right across the UK.

Available products in this sector

Acesulfame KCitric Acid (Food grade)Fructose (Syrup & Powder)Glucose
Malic AcidPhosphoric Acid (Food use)Potassium SorbateSucralose
TaurineTrisodium Citrate (Food grade)

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